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Freelancers, where's your productive place?

running a business Feb 08, 2024

By Caroline Sangers-Davies, Marketing Strategy Expert

Yesterday I worked in a client’s office kitchen. In addition to the obvious benefits of tea and biscuits, it allowed me to soak up the culture of the organisation, chat with fellow freelancers working on the same project, keep in touch with developments, and be on hand, outside of planned meetings, to progress the work I’m doing even more quickly.
Today, I’d planned to do the same with a different client (although the snow forecast has altered that!) later heading to my home office to get my head down and do some writing.
Using different spaces for working differently is a great way to fire up the motivation, make connections, and make the best of the time you have available. Valuable conversations with fantastic coach Andrew Richards CPCC, PCC have brought me to the conclusion that this is the way forward for me. If I’m struggling to be productive – maybe I’ll be better somewhere else… and it works!
I’m lucky to have some great coffee shops / work spaces in easy reach where I can be productive yet still chat with people I know, find inspiration, enjoy being out and about; meanwhile I’m working on getting my home office just the way I want it – a place where I can become absorbed in my work which suits my brain for the more in-depth strategic planning. 
Tomorrow is Friday and that’s my day for thinking creatively, playing with ideas. Being outside, walking with my dog, is perfect for that type of work.

My favourite places: The Library at Storyhouse; the cafe at Bluecoat in the heart of Liverpool; the street cafe at Liverpool Everyman & Playhouse theatres and Charcoal Gallery in Hawarden - a superb little coffee shop with great art.

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