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The biggest fail in attracting customers

sales Feb 06, 2024

By Dawn Roberts, Sales Expert

We all buy stuff all the time. Some things are habitual buys, while others are more impulsive and spontaneous. But they are linked by the same driver: DESIRE! 

A product doesn’t have to be sexy for us to desire it, we just have to directly link it to a need, goal or problem we have and it becomes desirable. Take rubbish bins for example, not sexy but desirable!  The more needs something meets and problems it solves, the more desirable it becomes.

People don’t always know what they want to buy but they always know the problems and needs they have. I see many examples of sales and marketing material that is too self-promoting, banging on about the company’s products and processes and not the buyer’s needs and goals.

Where there is desire there can be a sale. If you have something to sell, you need to ramp that desire up. This makes your offering magnetic to buyers in an ethical, non-pushy way; the only way you can successfully and consistently sell! This will give your customer attraction a SUPERBOOST.


  • Have you ever bought something you couldn’t afford? What made you buy it?
  • Have you ever bought something you didn’t know you needed or wanted until you saw it? What problems did it solve or needs did it meet?
  • Take a look at your marketing material. Does it talk about you and what you do or is it focused on what is DOES for your target buyer (the needs and goals it meets)?

We are all focused on getting our needs met, which makes our favourite subject ourselves! Remember that when you think about creating your sales and marketing message.

Happy selling!


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